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Kingdom Learning Network
Kingdom Learning Network is an Online Bible Study Resource Center


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My name is Everest John Alexander and Iím a Bible Teacher and Author.

I was Born Again on August 11th 1988 and I've been teaching the Bible since 1991.

While I donít have all the answers I believe I can answer the most important questions concerning the Kingdom of God.

Here's what I've found.

The Church has majored on telling people what to do and not explaining to them why they should do it and how they should do it.

This leaves many Christians frustrated, knowing there are things in their life that need changing but having no idea how to change them.

Thatís why this online ministry exists!

The information provided here at the Kingdom Learning Network is specifically designed to teach you WHY you should do the things you need to do and HOW you should do them!

Through my Videos, Articles, Ebooks and Bible Study Courses I simplify complex Christian Doctrines and teach them in a simple way you can easily understand and practice.

I shed light on contemporary issues like Homosexuality, Abortion and Evolution as well as established doctrines like Tithes, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Assurance of Salvation giving you clear biblical instructions concerning these issues.

I bring you the bible truth and share the principles of the Kingdom of GodÖ simply and powerfully!

Welcome to Kingdom Learning Network!

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