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learning the bible online - kingdom learning network 




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learning the bible online - kingdom learning network


online bible courses - kingdom learning network


Online Bible Courses - kingdom learning network



study the bible online - kingdomlearning.com


That's the Purpose of this Website


It's here to teach you how and why to do the things you must!

Through Online Bible Courses, Videos, Articles, Ebooks and Slide Presentations I explain difficult bible doctrine in simple ways you can understand. 

I teach on contemporary issues like, Homosexuality & Abortion, Marriage & Dating, Atheism and Evolution also major bible doctrines like Tithes & Offering, Speaking in Tongues and the Covenant of Grace.

I believe you need to accuartely understand the scriptures to faithfully obey God and live fruitful lives


How Can You Faithfully Obey

What You Do Not Undrestand?


Obedience will be tested and in ignorance faith will fail... It's that simple.

God said, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

That's why the Bible says, "Study to show yourself approved."

Trust is the foundation of obedience.

You will not obey who you do not trust and you will not trust what you do not understand.

As I teach the principles of God's Kingdom and you study the bible online I pray the eyes of your understanding be enlightened and you receive the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Christ.




study the bible online - kingdomlearning.com


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Kingdom of God - kingdomlearning.com

You Get Access to the Gold Level Absolutely Free and it Features Over 5 Different Applications and Tools and Many Member Benefits Like:

  • FREE Video Teaching
  • FREE Articles
  • FREE Ebooks
  • FREE Audio Books
  • FREE Quizzes
  • FREE Bible Study Courses
  • FREE Questions & Answers Section
  • FREE Slide Presentations (coming soon)


Kingdom of God - kingdomlearning.com

You Get Access to the Diamond Level for a gift of just 
$9.97/month OR $77/Year - THAT'S 4 FREE MONTHS!
Get All the Benefits of the Gold Level... Plus Lots More!

1) Immediate access to all my Ebooks Absolutely Free, Including my 2 Bestsellers!


(Click Each Cover For Details)


             Understanding the 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body - Christian Ebook        Understanding How to Pray


2) Immediate access to all my Advanced Bible Study Courses Absolutely Free, Including...


Personal Evangelism:

The 7 Keys to Success

 Understanding The 7 Biblical Approaches to the Word of God

Online Bible Courses  - kingdomlearning.comOnline Bible Courses  - kingdomlearning.com 


3) Free access to every New Ebook!


4) Free access to every new Bible Study Course!


5) Free Audio/Video Postcards - You can record video messages as often as you want and share with all the members of the site!


6) Free Member Webpages - You can create your own customized personal webpage with the easy online web creator!


7) Free Blogs/Podcasts/Articles - You can publish your own unique messages as often as you like and share with the entire world... Each post is searchable by GOOGLE and will help drive traffic to your own website, if you have one!


8) Free Video and MP3 Audio Uploads - You can instantly upload your Videos or MP3 Audios to the site and share them with all the members if you want!



study the bible online  - kingdomlearning.com


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study the bible online  - kingdomlearning.com



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The 3 Levels of Salvation:

Spirit, Soul and Body

Understanding the 3 levels of salvation: spirit, soul and body - Christian bestselling ebook



How to Pray Effectively

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